Doritos Superbowl Commercial

This piece was created as a collaboration for a submission for the 2016 Doritos Superbowl Commercial contest. It was originally created for my pre-production class, I was required to produce a submission while working with other students to make it happen. As well as producing I did help with fabrication and animation, I definitely loved doing this hands on work and animation and plan to utilize the medium again. Maybe just with less Doritos next time.


Made using Dragonframe, After Effects, many wonderful people and many many Doritos. 


Animatic made by Alex Hoyle, based on our script. 


Producer/Concept/Lead Animator:  Madison Ellis 

Co-Producer: Maegan Mann

Director/Lead Animator:  Julia Chamberlain

Animatic:  Alex Hoyle

Animators: Alex Artecona, Nick Erickson, Sam Greene, Alex Hoyle, Kevin Johnson

Post: Crosby Ignasher, Eli Orth

Audio:  Jeremy Wechsler